How do I add my own materials to print with?

Your new Printrbot Simple comes with some "default" materials already loaded for you.  If you find yourself with a filament that is not included on the list, or just want to change your current settings, this guide will show you how.


1.)  In the cloud, go to the Materials section by selecting the shield icon.

2.)  Click on the “+” symbol to add a custom filament.

3.)  Enter all of the information about your filament in the Create Material dialog box.  The print temperature       should be provided by the material’s manufacturer, which is also occasionally printed on the spool itself.       Once complete, click save.

4.)  You should now see your new material in your Materials Library. 

5.)  If you need to edit your new material to refine or adjust your settings, click on the “edit” box located on       the far right side of the material.

6.)  Once finished, the last step is to send the new materials list to your Simple.  Click on the “Send To               Printer” icon to do this.  You will see the screen on your printer flash to the downloading screen.  This           will be very brief, as the materials list is a very small and fast file to download.


Now you are familiar with creating and editing your own filament materials!


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