I started a print and the LEDs are flashing

When the printer probes to begin a print it senses two positions and then all the LEDs begin to flash.

If this, or something like this should happen, then there is something that went wrong to the print while being generated. Delete the project off the LCD screen by clicking the red trash can button on the lower right hand corner of the picture. Go to the file in question in your printrbot.cloud account and open up the rotate image screen. First click on the image, then click the cube button in the upper right hand corner in order to open the image rotation screen. Try rotating the image however much you want on the Z axis and hit save. Close out the screens and resend the project to the printer. This will force the cloud to reslice the object and give it the proper commands to print properly.


If this should result in the same issues in trying to print then try contacting support@printrbot.com. Reference the issues you are having and this guide when submitting a ticket.

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