How do I change the wifi network my Simple Pro is connected to?

If you want/need to change the wifi network that your Simple is connected to, this guide will walk you through the process and have you printing again in no time.


1.)  On your display, go to “Settings”, then “Wifi”.  Write down your Simple’s IP address.  In this example, the IP address shown is

2.)  Open a browser window on your computer and enter the following address:      In place of the example IP address, be sure to put your machine’s IP address.  You will be directed to the wifi setup screen for your Simple.

3.)  Enter the new network you want to connect to, along with the network’s password, and then press “Save”.

4.)  The display on your Simple will jump to the Wifi Settings page and display the new IP address for the network you changed to.

5.)   If you entered the password or network name incorrectly, meaning the Simple could not connect to your new network, it will go back into access point mode.  From here, use the getting started guide to take you through the wifi setup procedure.  That guide is located at












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    Mike Ellis

    If you password protect the printrbot, does this page also become password protected? Or can anyone on the network change the wifi settings?


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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Hi Mike, if you set a password on your Simple Pro, someone can view the "__/#wifisetup" page, but they will be unable to change the network that the printer has been connected to.  One caveat, the page does not ask for the password.  So, you would need to clear the password on the bot before resetting the wifi network for your printer.

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