I tried to unload filament. Now the filament is stuck and the extruder is clicking

When I go to unload filament, it begins to remove the material and then gets caught and begins to click?  What do I do?

If when you are using the “Unload Filament” feature on the LCD screen and the filament gets jammed there may be a couple possible issues happening. The first is that the filament may have a bulb on the end that may not be getting through the gears. Press the end of the arm down to release tension on the gears and see if you can’t pull the filament out the rest of the way. It may simply lift out with little to no pressure at all. 

If pulling the filament with some force does not produce results, then you may need another technique. Try pushing the filament back down while compressing the arm in order to melt the end of the plastic. Push some filament out through the hot end and see if the printer can pull it out the second time around. The problem is that the filament cooled on the way out and is too difficult to pull out. If it still struggles, you can try pressing the arm down and pushing filament into the hot end and manually pulling the filament out rapidly.

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