My Simple Pro updated, but my display still shows the lines. What do I do?

If you recently ran an update on your Simple, but are continuing to see the lines displayed, this guide will walk you through how to correct the issue.  You will need to know the IP address of the Simple, which we will get from your cloud page, and we will need to use a few different browser tabs.  In the end, we will have your Simple back up and running like new.  


1.)  Ensuring that you are on the same network as your Simple, open up a browser window and go to http://YOUR_PRINTER_IP/events  Keep this browser window open, and try to position it so that you can always see it.  ***Keep in mind that if one of the chips is rebooting, no updates will be shown in this window, but data will once again stream when the chip comes back online.  If in doubt, wait a little longer than you think you should, and do not remove power.***

2.)  Open a second browser window and enter the address:  http://YOUR_PRINTER_IP/format_spiffs

3.)  You will know that the process is complete when in the “events” browser the message “data: Formatting SPIFFS Successful”.  You will also see in your second browser window the message {‘success’ : ’yes’}.  

4.)  Close the format “format_spiffs” browser.

5.)  Open a new browser and enter the address: http://PRINTER_IP/update_ui?url=

After you enter the address, press “Enter” to execute the command.  You should now see your browser window that is monitoring the events start to fill with data.  This is showing you that the download has begun and is in process.  

If you do not see data start to stream, wait about 30 seconds to see if the program is just lagging.  If no data is appearing after this wait, click in the address bar with your mouse, and press “Enter”.  This will execute the command again.  You should now see data start to flow in the events browser.

If all has gone as planned, you will see the message {‘success’ : ‘true’} in the browser that you entered the above address, as well as data flowing in the events browser.

6.)  You will know that the update is complete when you scroll down (way down) on the events browser and see the message “data: Starting IDLE mode…”

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    My printer keeps "timing out" during this process.  How do I resolve this issue?

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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Hi Fogleem, if you haven't already tried this, follow the steps under "OPTION ONE – Manual" under "RECOVERING FROM A CORRUPTED USER INTERFACE" at this link.

    I hope that is helpful,
    Dave -pb

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