The status of my printer in the cloud is gray. How do I get it to connect properly?

Was your Simple connected to the cloud prior to this issue?  If Yes, start at Step 1.  If No, please start with the “Getting Started Guide” for instructions on how to setup your Simple to connect to your local wifi network.  That guide is available here:


You may have conflicting passwords in the Cloud and on your Simple, so the first step is to ensure that this is not the case.  


1.)  Navigate to the “Settings” section of your LCD menu. 


2.)  Then go to "Password".


3.)  Leave the “Password:” field blank and tap the checkbox at the bottom right of the LCD screen.  In some rare cases, you will need to type in a character (for example the letter A), then delete the character, and tap the checkbox at the bottom right of the LCD screen.


4.)  Log in to your account and edit the recently added printer.


5.)  Leave the Password field blank and re-save the printer.


6.)  These steps will communicate to your Simple that no password is required and get the cloud and your Simple on the “same page”.  You should now see the connection status for your Simple on your cloud account.


You should now have successfully cleared out any password that was previously installed either on your Simple or in the cloud that was preventing the two from communicating.







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    Daniel Clancy

    Did not change anything

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    Chris McCoy

    I too am having the same problem.  

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    where can I go and verify that I typed the 32 digit serial number correctly. this may be why I cant connect.

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    PB Support Team

    Hi Kevin, unfortunately, I don't think that there is a way to check your serial number in  However, this shouldn't affect your ability to connect to the cloud.  If you haven't already done so, make sure that you are not on a http"S" url.  See this article for more into.

    I hope that is helpful,
    Dave -pb

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    Chris McCoy

    Thanks Dave! 

    The http:// vs. https:// was my issue.  Once I figured that out, I was off to the races.  Just bought another Printrbot Pro.  Really loving the interface and the speed at which I can send jobs to the 3D printer.

    Thanks team Printrbot!


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    Smbat Yeranyan

    The web interface has CORS (Cross Origin Request) issues trying to connect to printer (i.e Because its trying to hit a non secure SSL url over a Secure https Url. 

    Thankfully, you can fix this by simply going to the insecure site at After that everything works really nice!

    Just a question for the web interface:

    Is it still in development? Will we ever see information like Temperature? Progress? or even Pause button? Furthermore, is there a way to fork your current html5 web application and contribute? or is it even open source?



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