Why do my files download so slow?

If you feel like your downloads are abnormally slow, or just slow in general, this guide will show you how to check your internet speed to see if it is the culprit.


1.)  Go to the website www.speedtest.net

2.)  Click on the "Begin Test" tab at the top of the computer display.


2.)  The test runs pretty quickly, and at the end will show you what your download and upload speeds are.  Mine are shown as 13.99Mb upload and 16.97Mb download.  These are pretty standard speeds that most carriers should be able to meet, if not exceed.


3.)  I used a gecko as my test file, and it had a file size of 6.8Mb.  With a download speed of 13.99Mb, and a file size of 6.8Mb, the file downloaded from printrbot.cloud to my printer in 1 minute and 27 seconds.  


This is the speed of download that you can expect to see.  If you have a faster download speed, your files will transfer in less time than if you have a slower speed.  In the same respect, the size of your file will have an impact on the time required to download.  





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    Any possible make ASIA (Taiwan) proxy server for speed up upload / download?


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    Mike Ellis

    I see really slow downloads on multiple carriers that regularly deliver much faster transfer rates. I feel like either the Pro itself, or (more likely) the cloud servers are the bottleneck.

    Edit: I'm seeing 4kB/s 

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