Updating Firmware on Your 2016 Printrbot Simple

After connecting your Printrbot to your local internet network (wifisetup.printrbot.cloud), you can update firmware by visiting http://printrbot.cloud/#firmware.

Update in this order. ...disregard messages from the #firmware site such as 'unable to start update'. We have seen false negative messages and are addressing this.

  1. FORMAT ESP8266 MEMORY (allow ~60sec)
  2. UPDATE UI FILE (allow ~60sec)
  3. UPDATE MK20 FIRMWARE (allow ~20min) ...you will see the screen go black about 30 seconds into the update. IMPORTANT: Leave the bot powered ON and let the update continue to run. See an example in this video.

You don't need to update the ESP8266 FIRMWARE, since you are already communicating to your printer over the cloud.


After the screen comes back, cycle the power on your printer.  Let it sit OFF for about 20 seconds.



Finally, re-add the material that you will be using.  Tap Settings/Material ...and then "Select" the filament that you will be using - In this case, "Printrbot PLA".

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