Sending G-Code to Your Simple Pro

Many Simple users enjoy the ease of use provided by the slicer in  However, there are times when you may want to use your own "special recipe" slice for a particular print.  If this is your preference, you can send pre-generated g-code from your account to your Simple by following the steps below.


See a video of how to send g-code here.


1. Download Cura 2 here.

2. After installing Cura, open the software and add your printer by selecting Add Printer / Other / Printrbot Simple.

3. After Cura opens, go to Settings / Printer / Manage Printers.


4. Click Machine Settings.


5. Make the following changes to your Machine Settings.  

Printer Settings:

  • X (Width) - 200
  • y (Depth) - 152
  • Z (Height) - 200

Printhead Settings:

  • Nozzle size - 0.3




Your Machine Settings should match the screenshot below. Click "Close" to save your settings.


6. Go to File / Open File to select an stl from your hard drive.  


7. A rendering of your stl will appear on the print platform.  To make adjustments, click on the model and use the toolbar on the left of the screen to move, scale, rotate, etc.  Make further adjustments by switching to the "Advanced" settings in Print Setup.

*Click on the image to view a larger version.

*For more in-depth documentation on Cura 2, see their documentation here.

*To download the stl model in this example (3DBenchy), click here.


8. Once you have selected your print settings, save your g-code by clicking Save to File (bottom right corner).  


  • Do not include numbers or spaces in your file name.
  • The file extension must be changed to .gco - NOT ".gcode".  


If you are following the example in this guide, your file name should look like this.



9. Log in to your account at and upload your project/g-code file.  Once the file has rendered, you will see the icon below.  Next, send the file to your printer.  Happy printing!






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  • 0

    For End Gcode. Should we need set "G28 X0 Y0",Just test new F/W and send to PBC seems it stop at last point. (No back HOME) :(

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    Mike Ellis

    I find that when I submit gcode filament retraction happens at an extremely slow speed.

  • 0
    Eric - PB Support Team

    If your retractions are currently being performed with a G1 command, replace it with a G0 command for fast retractions. 

    Alternatively, update to the newest firmware and print directly over USB.  That newest firmware can handle G1 retractions quickly.

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