Extruder Clicking - Drive Gears Binding - Simple Pro

User Comment: I tried to load and unload the filament but with no success. It seems something about the mechanism that is supposed to pull the filament is broken.

*See a video here.


PB Response: In my experience, this is caused by the screw that holds extruder arm being too tight. Use your 2.5mm hex wrench to loosen the screw just slightly. I think you will find that the drive gears will spin more freely.

Hope that is helpful,
Dave -pb



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    Philip Olding

    In my experience, getting filament into the actual extruder nozzle involved bending the tip of the filament in various directions until the gears actually guided it into place.

    The gears themselves bend the filament a little bit, and don't always guide it right into the nozzle.

    The issue I'm having is that the extruder is clicking, not extruding during the print process, and I'm missing entire layers of a print. I don't see how this is possible, because the "Load Filament" process allows you to just keep pulling a constant string of filament from the nozzle, which works fine on my printer.

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