Printrbot LED Strip - Wiring to Your Rev F Printrboard

See the steps below for connecting your Printrbot LED strip to a Rev F Printrboard.  A couple of quick notes:

  • Most Recent Firmware Required - Before beginning this installation, follow this guide to update the firmware on your Printrboard.  Without updating firmware, your LED strip will not work.
  • Header Pins Required - Some Printrboards have been manufactured without these pins.  These header pins are available at
  • Your Wire Colors Will Almost Certainly Vary - Various colors of extension wires are shipped out with this product.  Disregard the wire colors throughout this guide and pay special attention to the wire position, i.e; ground, signal, power, 5v, etc.

...okay, now let's get started.


1. Identify Ground, 5V & Signal.  

If you are looking at the back of your LED strip, the pins are ordered (top to bottom): Signal / 5v / Ground.  After identifying these pins, attach your 3-pin extension wire to the LED Strip and then connect your extension breakout.  In this example, signal will be black, 5v (power) will be gray, and ground will be white.


2. Pin Out Your Wiring

See the images below to connect your single wires to the proper pins on your Printrboard.

*Download larger versions of these images at the bottom of this article.



 3. Power ON Your LEDs!

Connect your Printrbot via USB and send the command "M355 S1 C0" from your control software.  Your LEDs will illuminate white.  Nice work!  See a few more commands below.  

  • S1 - Power ON
  • S0 - Power OFF
  • C0 - White
  • C1 - Red
  • C2 - Green
  • C3 - Blue 
  • C4 - White
  • C5 - Yellow
  • C6 - Magenta
  • C7 - Cyan
  • B0-B255 - Brightness ranging from zero to 255

Example: M355 S1 C2 B127

Result: Lights will power ON, with the color green at half brightness.


See more examples of how to use your Printrbot LEDs in this video.




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    The 2nd picture in step 2 of the board pins is labelled incorrectly.  If you follow the wire colors instead of the labels it is correct, White being signal (next to 5v), black being ground (3rd pin by itself).  This was an F4 BTW

    Edited by Jbdiablo
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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Thanks Jbdiablo, I have revised the images and language.  This should be correct now.

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    Dustin Rogers

    Is it possible to utilize the M355 command to just control on an existing single color LED strip (i.e. one that doesn't have a signal wire). Typically, I'd just hook to 5V+ and ground, but it doesn't look like the 5V pin changes with a M355 command. This is on my F5 board flashed with the play-0.6.hex. 

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    Eric - PB Support Team


    One other option if you have an F6 board is to use a +12v led strip and use a Y adapter on the hotend fan connector.  The light will turn on automatically anytime the hotend is above 50c.

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