Printrboard G2 Getting Started Guide

Firmware: If you ordered a Printrboard G2 after 5/5/17, your board will ship with the proper firmware.  If you need to flash your G2 for any reason, find .bin files in the G2 attached to the bottom of this article and follow the steps in this guide.


Install your G2 Printrboard and follow the wiring diagrams below.




Download Cura 2 and walk through the setup menu to add your Printrbot.  Find Printrbots under "Other". 

Plus Users: Select "Printrbot Simple" and adjust your bed size to 252 (x), 252 (y), 252 (z) in machine settings.


After adding your printer, you will see the Cura 2 control panel.  Go to Settings/Printer/Manage Printers in the toolbar.




Select Machine Settings.


Highlight all of the text in the Start Gcode box and DELETE it.


Open the appropriate rtf from your "G2 Downloads" folder.  Copy/paste all of the new text into the Start Gcode box.  Click Close to save.


After closing the Preference menu, you will see the Cura Control Panel again.  Open a file by selecting File/Open File in the toolbar.  (Click here to download the 3mmbox.stl used in the example)



Connect your Printrbot to your computer via USB B and power the bot ON.  In your Cura Control panel, select Print via USB in the bottom right corner of the screen.  You should also see a green check box indicating connection status at the top right corner of your screen.  




Click Print via USB and monitor your printer.  This initial test is only to verify start movements and motor direction.  Your startup sequence should match the video below.  To stop your print, click Abort Print in the bottom right corner of your screen.

NOTE: Your Z offset is no longer calibrated.  You will need to recalibrate.  See "Next Steps" below.








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