Adjusting the Z-Axis offset on Your Printrboard G2

After installing your Printrboard G2, you will need to re-calibrate your Auto-Leveling Probe.  See the steps below to adjust the Z-Axis offset in your Start Gcode.


After powering ON and connecting via USB, go to Settings/Printer/Manage Printers in the Cura 2 toolbar.



Select Machine Settings.


See in your Start Gcode, the first line of code: M100.1 ({{g55z:0.0}}) ;Z-probe offset

The "g55z:0.0" value is a placeholder from the start code that was copy/pasted as described in the Printrboard G2 Getting Started Guide.  




To adjust your Z-Axis offset, simply replace the "0.0" value with your desired offset.  Although adjusting the value is relatively simple, best practice is to go through the full calibration process, making incremental adjustments.  You will find that the value does not match your previous M212 value.  Do not just plug your old Rev F M212 value in and start printing.   

Make your first adjustment, changing the first M100 line to: M100.1 ({{g55z:-0.2}}) ;Z-probe offset


Click Close to save.  Run a test print to review your results.  Repeat this process until your Printrbot is properly calibrated.



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