Transitioning from Ceramic to Ubis 13S Hot End FAQ

"I have a stock simple metal with the regular ceramic hot end. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Ubis 13s - can you please let me know which parts I need to order (fan?) and if the ubis 13s comes with 2 nozzles?"



As of the Spring of 2017, the ceramic style Ubis hot end is no longer available at  Printrbot has transitioned to the Ubis 13S Hot End for a couple of reasons.  One is performance.  The Ubis 13S is a more precise hot end.  The second reason for the change is manufacturability.  The Ubis 13S assembles easier and quicker than the ceramic style hot end.  This is beneficial not only to Printrbot but also to you, the user.  Now, if there is an issue with your hot end, you can replace a single component instead of purchasing a whole new hot end.  Click here for a video of how to assemble the individual components.


If you are transitioning from ceramic to the Ubis 13S Hot End, there are a variety of ways to install and wire this component.  See a couple of suggestions below.


The "Right" Way - Everything You May Want/Need

  • Ubis 13S Hot End (obviously) - The product ships with a spare hot end tip and tools for changing the nozzle when the time comes.
  • 30mm Fan with 44" Extension - As recommended in the Ubis 13S User Manual, you will want to cool the heat sink to prevent clogs.  
  • Printable Fan Mount
  • Rev F6 Printrboard - Although not a necessity, the Rev F6 is the only Printrboard currently available with two separate ports for individual fan control.  This board was designed with the Ubis 13S in mind.
  • Wiring Instructions - In short, you will plug your existing print cooling fan into "FAN 1" and your new 30mm fan into "FAN2"


The "Cheap" Way - Adequate Functionality at Minimal Cost

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    Bill Mallon

    My ceramic hot end failed completely. I would like to order the 13s but obviously I can't print the fan mount at the moment. Could the 13s function well enough without the fan for the print the mount? Would it be better if I rigged a mount with wire?

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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Hi Bill, sorry to hear about your hot end.  The 13S can print PLA without cooling on the heat sink.  We do recommend that the shroud/mount is the first thing that you print with the 13S.

    I hope that is helpful,
    Dave -pb

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    Bill Mallon

    thank you

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    Mist Hellfire

    If Simple metals shipped Spring of '17 with the new hot end, why did mine come with the ceramic when I purchased mine in the Spring of '17? There should be a "hey we shipped yours with old tech discount" or a "hey if you want to upgrade to latest discount." This is especially true seeing I just purchased the Simple Pro as a 2nd. I love my Simple but with the volume of printing I do, the fact the nozzles are now obsolete and unattainable/no longer supported by PB, the only choice is painfully clear. Suggestions?

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