Updating G2 Firmware with the Printrbot Firmware Updater

To update firmware on the G2 Printrboard, you will need the Printrbot Firmware Updater for Mac.  Windows users, if you do not have access to a Mac, you can have Printrbot flash the firmware for you.  For more, see our G2 Board Swap program.


Printrbot Firmware Updater

1.) If you do not already have it, go to the Printrbot github page located here: https://github.com/Printrbot/firmware-updater and continue on to step 3. If you already have the firmware updater, skip to step 5.

From the left side of your screen, Select "Branch", and then "gh-pages".

2.)  You will now see a zip file named "pbFU_mac.zip".  

3.)  On the right side of your screen click on the green "Clone or download" icon, then select "Download Zip".

4.) Once the file has been downloaded, open it.  Inside you should see pbFU_mac.zip.  Double click the file to unzip it.  Once the file has been unzipped, you will see a new item named "pbFU".  Move that app to your applications folder or to your desktop.  When that is complete, you are ready to use the firmware updater.


5.) Open up the firmware-updater software.

6.)  Connect your Simple Pro (powered OFF) to your computer with a standard USB cable.

7.) Power ON your Simple Pro.  While the bot is booting up, drag the firmware file (G2Core170310) and drop it onto the firmware-updater, then click "Next".  Follow the prompts until you receive the "writing firmware" message.  The firmware update can take up to 5min.



8.) Once the firmware has been successfully updated, turn off the power to your Simple Pro.  After 15 seconds, turn power back on.  You have now successfully uploaded new firmware, and are ready to continue on to setting up Cura 2.

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