PEI Print Surface Tape - Get the Info

You've either just purchased one of our new PEI Print Surface Tape squares or are considering this purchase.  Either way, you may want some detailed info on how to apply these sheets and how to properly use them.



Our PEI is 0.25mm thick or approx 9mil.  It is then pre-applied with 3M 468MP adhesive for easy application onto your print surface.  Both sides of these sheets have protective coverings.  First wipe down your print surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any impurities before installing the sheet.  This will ensure that there will be no lumps or bumps underneath your tape.

During application, we recommend that you peel back the yellow covering which protects the adhesive side and begin applying the sheet in one corner.  Then slowly work your way back and forth with a paper towel while slowly removing the yellow covering as you go.




If you've done any amount of research on PEI 3D Printing on Google, you will quickly find out the variety of recommendations of how to use PEI in the field of 3D printing.  This means each individuals experience will vary.  However, please begin with our recommendations and then adjust to your own unique situation as needed.  

To begin, we recommend that PEI be used in collaboration with a heat bed.  Some people report online of having success with PEI on a room temperature surface but we have not confirmed these results.  We have found in our printing that the magic of PEI is unleashed with the addition of a heated surface.  Please refer to the temperatures below for each material type.  We will add more materials to the list as we try them out.


  • PLA
    • Heat Bed Temp - 60 degrees Celsius
  • ABS
    • Heat Bed Temp - 90-100 degrees Celsius
  •  PETG
    • Heat Bed Temp - 60-80 degrees Celsius


Another important aspect of printing on PEI is to keep it clean.  We have confirmed the results that many users before us have written about online that using Isopropyl Alcohol is a must for printing on PEI.  It is an inexpensive solution in cleaning your PEI before any print.  In our experience, we have not needed to use any other product with PEI apart from cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol.  We purchased 91% Isopropyl Alcohol from our local pharmacy and found it in the first aid section.


If you have any thoughts or advice from your own experience with PEI in 3D printing, please comment on this post to help other users in the PB community.



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    Davey Rance

    This makes prints stick like crazy. (PLA running 60 deg celsius) To the point it can be nearly impossible to remove the prints.

    Is there any great way to remove skirts (seem to be needed to ensure start of print is not missing) or prints that have stuck really well. (Currently have got a couple of rips in the PEI after just a few days.)

    I can now just press print and walk away and not even have to watch the first layer to ensure that it doesn't lift.

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