Smalls Kit - Version Directory

Use this directory to locate the A360 design file that accurately represents your Smalls Kit. 



Version Changes Link


Shipped 5/5-7/10/17

original version


Shipped 7/10/17-present

  • Green "box" induction sensor replaced with barrel-shaped threaded sensor.
  • New printable sensor clamp.
  • #4 1/2" plastite button head screws replaced by flat head screws on print bed and front bar of Z frame.



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    John Edwards

    "Green "box" induction sensor replaced with barrel-shaped threaded sensor."

    Why replaced ?

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    PB Support Team

    We were able to price the Smalls Kit low because we incorporated older parts that we had overstock of.  So, as we consumed old inventory, we adjusted the design and moved on to other components that we still had/have available.  The induction sensor was one of these cases.  



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