Preloading Files on Your Simple Pro. Print Untethered Without Wifi

"Can our Simple Pro be set to run a print in advance, so when my coworker goes to a school or event it will be ready to run and not have to be connected by wi-fi?" -Timothy


Hi Timothy, good question. Yes, you can pre-load prints so that you and/or your coworker are not dependent on wifi. This is how we set the printers up before going to a print show or Maker Faire. It's also the process that we use to preload the test print files that were on your Simple Pro upon unboxing.

Follow the normal steps to load the file from your cloud account (described here). After sending the files to the printer, navigate to the files that you plan to print on the touchscreen and tap the download icon.

The 'Downloading...' screen will appear.

After your print job has finished downloading to your Simple Pro, the print will automatically begin. If you are loading files to print them in the future, simply tap the 'X' in the corner of your screen and select 'CANCEL PRINT'.

You will see this icon (sort of looks like a soccer ball), indicating that the file is now stored locally on your printer. At this point, you can run this print job without being connected to a wifi network. Happy printing!

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    Barrett Anderies

    Is it possible to load gcode directly onto the printer via USB for later printing without a computer connected? If not, will this be a future feature?

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