Where Do I Find Old Printrboard Firmware?

Visit our github page to view revision history and download older versions of firmware.  Note, if you don't know why you might need a previous version of firmware, this link is not for you.  If you are simply looking to re-flash your board, click here.


Previous firmware versions: https://github.com/Printrbot/printrboard/releases


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    Antonio Salotti Neto

    Hey Dave, hope this finds you well. I've recently acquired a Smalls (second-handed) but I could not get a copy of the firmware. I did find the *.hex files for download at the Printrbot page, but I'd rather have a copy of the source files so I can tweak it to my needs, or even leverage it to compile a version based on the most current Marlin.

    I realize you guys are busy with all of the new products but... Is there any way you can upload the source files for the Smalls (rev. 1.0, with the Grode probe SN04-N) to the Github link above?

    Thanks a lot!

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