Installing the Simple Super Z Upgrade with 4 Start Lead Screw

See the video(s) below for installation instructions on for your Super Z Upgrade.  A few notes before you begin.


NOTES: Before You Begin

  • Watch both videos first.
    • The first video is the original installation video was produced for the older Z upgrade, which included a 1/4"-16 acme rod.  Your kit includes 8mm 4-start threaded rod (lead screw).  So, you will need to install the new coupler and Z nut as well.
    • See the second video for instructions on installing the coupler and Z nut.
  • As of 8/11/16, the aluminum handle is no longer included in this upgrade kit.  
  • You will need to send the following commands through your Pronterface UI.  Since you are upgrading to larger build volume and a different pitch of threaded rod, new settings will need to be saved to your Printrboard.
    • M211 Z250
    • M92 Z400
    • M500
    • M501
  • You will also need to make the following adjustments in your Machine Settings in Cura.  
    • Machine/Machine Settings
    • Maximum height (mm) = 250
    • Click "Ok" to save.




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    Installed the upgrade. Z screw is so smooth, arm is now falling under it's own weight, and since the Z motor doesn't stay powered, it is impossible to calibrate the printer properly, arm falls between the 3 points measured by the G29 command. And it scratched my bed when I sent a G28 X0 Y0 Z0 right after. Following instructions found on the forum I am going to install an anti-backlash nut on the Z lead-screw to increase friction and hope for the best.

    You should at least mention that in your documentation, or add the necessary parts in the upgrade kit, or provide a ready to flash firmware with always powered Z axis.

    As is, that upgrade is NOT compatible with the 1403 model without other modifications and parts, and limited to ADVANCED users.

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