Can I print directly from an SD card, without a computer?

*NOTE: This article does not apply to the Simple Pro

"I am looking at buying the new printrbot simple (all metal). The location of my home computer will not allow me to place the printrbot close enough to run a USB cable. I believe I read that the printrbot simple will print from an SD card. Is this true, and will I need to do some initial setup with the printer connected to the computer?" - Nate

Yes, you can! As a matter of fact, we recommend printing via SD.  It removes the hassle of connection issues.  It also eliminates the worry of your computer falling asleep in the middle of the print.  

Currently, all Printrbot Rev D and Rev F Printrboards come standard with both a USB port as well as microSD card slot. 

One way to print with the microSD card is to load a file (G-Code) on to the card and title it "auto0.g".  Insert the card into the Printrboard, power on the Printrbot and watch the bot raise to temp and just start printing!

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Quick Tip

A lot of users like to wrap a small piece of tape around the end of their SD card.  This little hack gives you a tab to grab ahold of, making it easier to remove the card from your bot.


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