How to Unclog the Hotend - The Cold Pull

If your extruder is clicking and/or you notice that filament is not freely extruding from the tip, try these tips to unclog your hot end.  The steps below are shown on a ceramic style hot end, but will work for the Ubis 13S as well.

*Printrbot considers hot end tips as a "consumable" and recommends installing a replacement every 3-6 months.

"The Cold Pull" - Using filament, to remove filament

  • Bring the hot end to temp (apx 200-230C) using your software.  Once the desired temperature is reached, let the hot end stabilize at that temperature for 3-5 minutes.
  • Load filament into the extruder and attempt to extrude 5-10mm.  It's okay if no filament extrudes from the nozzle.  The purpose of this step is to seat the filament into the nozzle/clog.
  • Bring the hot end temp down to 100C.  Let the temperature stabilize for 3-5 minutes.
  • Depress the extruder arm and physically pull the filament up out of the hot end.  The filament may stretch a few inches, but eventually, you should hear a "pop" and feel the filament come loose from the hot end.
  • Often when the filament pops out, you'll see a little cone at the end with a speck of dirt. That is usually the dirt in the brass nozzle.







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    John Wilson

    Okay, so the Ubis 13 hot end was completely clogged. I could not insert any filament after warming the whole thing up. I removed the hot end tip and cleaned it out. I also pulled as much out of the hot end, but it remained clogged up to the top charging end. I pulled the Ubis 13, unscrewed the finned tube from the heating element and verified it was completely clogged. The finned tube appeared to be all metal, so I attempted to het the whole unit to 230C. Unfortunately, unlike the description on the web page this part of the Ubis 13 is NOT ALL METAL! The top end above the fins promptly melted, ruining the unit.

    So it is the best method of cleaning this out when this unclogging method fails so miserably? I am now out a $49 part. Not good.

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    I am having a similar issue and I have posted a question here: 

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