Steps Per Millimeter for Specific Hardware

Steps Per Millimeter

This article lists the steps/mm for specific hardware.  The steps/mm values are effected by the size of pulleys to move the X and Y axes, threaded rod to move the Z axis, and the method of extrusion - direct drive or wades.   All Printrbots use 1.8 degree motors and 1/16 stepping.  Use the table below to find the settings based on the components on your specific printer.

Steps/mm are given as M92 gcode, so you can copy and paste to your printer as needed. Paste in each line one at a time, and press enter to run it.

After pasting in the line, the new settings can be saved by running M500.  Next, run M501 to display all settings and verify that your M92 command was saved.

M92: Steps Per Millimeter

Example: M92 X64.86 Y64.86 Z2270 E469

 M500 (This will save to EEPROM)

 M501 (This will display all settings verify sent commands)

If an axis isn't included in the command, it's existing setting won't be changed.

Settings the correct steps/mm is an important calibration step, as it defines the scale of objects that you print. If your objects are coming out too small or too large, or if the printer seems to be extruding too much or too little plastic, the steps/mm probably need calibrated or configured.


Printer Settings

Modification Steps Per Millimeter
XL Pulleys (10 tooth) M92 X63.36 Y63.36
GT2 Pulleys (20 tooth) M92 X80 Y80
Sandpaper Pulleys* M92 X84.4 Y84.4
Vinyl Tube Pulleys M92 X119 Y119
Threaded Rod  
1/4"-16 Acme Threaded Rod M92 Z2020
3/8"-12 Acme Threaded Rod M92 Z1511.57
5/16"-18 Threaded Rod  M92 Z2272.72
Direct Drive Gear M92 E96
Wades Extruder M92 E590

*Sandpaper Pulleys - 3/8" ID, 11.4mm apx OD, 1/2" length, 240 grit - McMaster Carr #4719A542

*For "perfection" Printrbot recommends calibrating the extruder.  Additional calibration may be required for bots using vinyl tubing, sandpaper pulleys, and fishing line to move the X and Y axes.  GT2 and XL belts should not be calibrated. 

Joseph Prusa's RepRap Calculator

Need to calculate your steps per mm, or an optimized layer height? Check out Joseph Prusa's RepRap Calculator

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