Default Build Dimensions and Sensor Offset

Default Build Dimensions and Sensor Offset

This article lists the default build dimensions (bed size/max limits) and sensor offset (auto-leveling induction probe) for each Printrbot. Settings for each printer are provided below as M211 and M212 gcode, so you copy and paste the correct settings to your printer.

Printer Settings

Model Build Dimensions in Millimeters
Play (Model 1505) M211 X100 Y100 Z130
Plus (Model 1504/1412) M211 X254 Y254 Z254
Plus (Model 1504/1412) Dual Extruder M211 X230 Y254 Z254
Go v2 Large (Model 1408) M211 X505 Y306 Z310
M212 X -24
Go v2 Small (Model 1407) M211 X200 Y200 Z200
M212 X -24 
Go v2 Medium (Model 1406) M211 X340 Y190 Z190
M212 X -24 
Maker's Kit (Model 1405) M211 X100 Y100 Z100
Maker's Edition XL (Model 1405 + XL Upgrade) M211 X185 Y100 Z140 
Plus v2.2 (Model 1404: 140422, 140501, 140507) M211 X250 Y250 Z250
M212 X -24
Simple (Model 1403) M211 X152 Y152 Z152
Jr v2 (Model 1402) M211 X150 Y150 Z150
Simple Maker's Edition 2014 (Model 1401) M211 X100 Y100 Z100 
Simple Maker's Edition 2013 (Model 1312) M211 X100 Y100 Z100 
Plus v2.1 (Model 1311) M211 X185 Y220 Z200 
LC v2 (Model 1308) M211 X150 Y150 Z150
Jr v1 (Model 1307) M211 X115 Y120 Z80
Plus v2 (Model 1306) M211 X200 Y200 Z200 
Simple Beta (Model 1305) M211 X100 Y100 Z100
Plus v1 (Model 1303) M211 X200 Y200 Z200 
LC v1 (Model 1302) M211 X130 Y150 Z120
Go v1 (Model 1212) M211 X200 Y200 Z150
Original (Model 1111) M211 X130 Y130 Z130

Applying Settings

Step 1 - Connect to your Printer

Connect to your printer and locate the G-Code field in your host software.

Step 2 - Apply Settings

Find the Build Dimensions in Millimeters for your printer in the table below, and paste it into the G-Code field in your host software. Press enter or click Send to apply it.

Note: Some printers have both an M211 and M212 code. Paste in and send one at a time.

Step 3 - Save Settings to the Printrboard

Type M500 and press enter of click Send to save the new settings to the Printrboard.

Note: If you unplug the Printrboard before running this command, the new settings won't be saved.

Step 4 - Verify Saved Settings

Type M501 and press enter of click Send to verify that the new settings have been saved the Printrboard.


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