Checking Power Connections

Be advised that most Printrbot models do not have an OFF/ON switch.  Once the power supply is connected to the bot and the green LED light is lit up on the Printrboard, the bot is "ON".  

Although an all too common suggestion for any troubleshooting guide, cycling the power is a great place to start. 

  • Quit/Exit your software.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
  • Power down the printer by disconnecting the power source from the wall and the bot.

Next, reverse the process, checking every physical hardware connection you can find.

  • Check the connection to the wall, between the brick and the power cable, and to the printer. Try plugging power supply into printer without running usb cable from printer to computer. If the green light is on without the usb cable plugged in, the power supply is good.
  • Still no luck?  Try plugging the power source and bot into a wall outlet in another room.

If you have tried all of these steps, you may need a new power supply.  Replacements are available at


ATX Power Supply 

Rather than ON/OFF, ATX power supplies (pictured below) have a power switch with |/O symbols.  The | is the "on" position, indicating that the circuit is completed.  There is also a red 115V/230V switch next to the power switch.  Users in the US, select 115V.  Users outside of the US will need to determine which setting to select.  Many European countries use 230V.  CAUTION: Selecting incorrect voltage can ruin your power supply.



After verifying that you have selected the correct voltage (115V/230V), check the large wiring array to make sure that it is wired correctly.  The "jumper" should be plugged in securely, connecting the green wire to any of the black wires.  Without this connection, the ATX power supply will not power on.  




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