How to Replace the Tip on the Ceramic Style Ubis Hot End

*Printrbot considers hot end tips as a "consumable" and recommends installing a replacement every 3-6 months.

Step 1

Bring your hot end to full temperature with your controlling software or LCD panel.

Step 2

Be careful on this step because the hot end will be very hot and will burn you if you touch it.

Remove the red insulator over the heating element of the hot end.

You will need to get a 7/16" wrench.  

You will also need a pair of pliers.  With the pair of pliers, hold the upper part of the hot end tightly.  Take your 7/16" wrench and remove the hot end tip.


Once removed, you can push filament through the hot end to make sure there is no clog in the hot end itself.  If you can run filament through it smoothly, then you are ready to put a new tip on the hot end.

 Note - the hot end is still at full temperature.

You will be able to thread the new tip on the hot end a few threads before it gets hot and then tighten the rest of the way with the 7/16" wrench.

While tightening, remember to hold the top of the hot end with pliers or hot end will spin as you tighten.  DO NOT overtighten.  Seat the tip onto the hot end and then give another 1/8 turn.

Place the red insulator back onto the hot end covering the heating element.  Again be careful not to touch the tip which will by now will be very hot.

Extrude around 200mm of filament to clean the previous filament out of the hot end.


All finished! ...well almost.  Be sure to re-calibrate your Auto-Leveling Probe.  Failure to re-calibrate will damage your recently installed nozzle and print bed.





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    Julia Sato

    The new tip I got won't thread and tighten, it just hangs there and then falls off. What should I do?

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    Juan Hernandez

    The tip end doesn't really need to be replaced, what I do I put the tip end in my stove burner for 3 minutes and it will burn the tiny piece of plastic reside that i stuck in the hole and that will clean it, it will be like new after that. That will save you8 usd plus shipping every 6 months.

  • 1

    Where can I get some more of the red/cloth insulator sheathing?

  • 0
    Julia Sato

    You can find the Insulation Sock here:
    It's a little tricky to find it in the store.

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