Extruder and Heated Bed Temperature Recommendations

The correct extruder and bed temperatures will vary based on the type of plastic (ABS/PLA), filament manufacturer, ambient temperature, and the model of the printer. Every spool of filament requires small temperature adjustments to get the best prints.

Use these temperatures as a starting point, and make adjustments to your own filament profiles as needed.

PLA with a Heated Bed

  First Layer Other Layers
Extruder 195 185
Bed 70 60

ABS with a Heated Bed

  First Layer Other Layers
Extruder 235 235
Bed 80 80

Note: The Printrbot Simple Metal uses a lower heated bed temperature for ABS. Watch this video for more information.

PLA without a Heated Bed (Blue Masking Tape)

  First Layer Other Layers
Extruder 205 185
Bed 0 0




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