Motor Not Moving?

If you give a command to move one of your axes and there is no movement, try swapping the motor wiring. For example, plug the X axis motor into Z-MOT, Y axis motor into X-MOT on the Printrboard. Connect the printer and give commands to move the motors. If the X axis moves when you give the command to move Z, then your motor is functional. Next, try giving the X axis a command. If the Z axis moves, the X axis motor is functional. Continue with this process to isolate the trouble area. Reading this may make your eyes cross a bit, but it’s pretty straightforward once you have the wiring in front of you.  

If you find that all of the motors are functional, but still do not have movement in the axis that you are troubleshooting, look for other mechanical issues.  Here are just a few...

*If the set screws on a coupler are loose, the motor arm will not turn the threaded rod that it is coupled to.

*If the acme or "Z" nut is not seated properly on the threaded rod, the threaded rod will not raise the axis.

*If the belts are loose or completely off of the pulleys, the motor arm will turn, but nothing will move.


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    My motor was not moving in the Y direction.  After some fiddling with the hardware, I had the motor moving again.  However, while the motor moves on the Y direction, it makes a really weird noise, like the motor is strained. I've tried resetting the parameters of the Cura software with no success.  Is there anything else I can do?  




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