ATX Power Supply Not Functional / Jumper Missing

ATX Power Supply not working?  Make sure that the jumper cable is connected correctly

pictured here, the jumper wire connects green to black, be sure to secure the jumper with a zip tie


or if you have a soldered wires make sure they have been connected as pictured below

If you have a wire clasp be sure that it is clamped as pictured





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    Seifeldin Hegab

    the link is not working..

    Can i use any ATX power supply that i may have lurking here or there with a power above 350 watts? do i need any special cables to buy? will i need a jumper cable like the one in the illustrations?

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    PB Support Team

    Sorry about the busted link.  Old guides available at our google drive.

    Standard ATX power supplies w sufficient power (anything over 250 watts) will work.  To jump the green and black cables, you do not "need" the wire described above.  You can strip the black and green wires and splice them, twist them together, or solder them (preferred).

    That said, the steps above are the official PB recommended procedures and tools.


    Hope that helps!

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    Ian S


    Hey, I just got my bed + power supply yesterday and whenever my printer tries to Z home, or move the Z axis in general, the power supply "shuts down" and stops working for a couple of minutes. I have done a couple of attempts, all of which ended with the same result. I am afraid to do any more tries because of the risk of breaking the power supply. If you could tell me what I could try to fix/troubleshoot this problem asap it would really allow me to start printing the rest of my rocket :)


    Thanks, Ian

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    Ian S

    (PS my delrin screw mount has worn out a little bit so it chooses to make a beautiful shrieking noise instead of a normal vibrating hum. It might be a problem with the motor not being able to get enough power... Idk for sure though)

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    Russell Brandon

    I'm having a similar issue with my power supply. I can get it to work, but every time I turn it off I need to wait about half an hour to turn it back on. Is this an issue with the power supply or the connection?



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