Where can I download Cura?


Cura software for slicing models and sending gcode to your Printrbot.  Cura is currently Printrbot's recommended 3D printer control software

Visit the following resources to access a "Required Downloads" folder that includes the current PB recommended version of Cura.

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    Hello I have a Metal plus Machine
    Do you know when is the cura 15.06 avaible for printrbot machines??


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    Would you be willing to post json files matched to your machines here so customers can use the new versions of Cura? We run two printrbot Metal Plus's in our Digital Fabrication lab -- on Macs -- and we have continued to have problems with Cura freezing up during a print and then needing all settings to be re-entered. It effectively makes these printers unreliable because even with saved profiles there are three separate places that one must change settings to get everything back the way it was, and that is a significant obstacle for students. I have tried a few different versions of Cura and none completely solve the problem. I'd like to be able to try the new versions to see if they improve things. It would be nice to have some help doing so. Any chance you would consider making those files and posting them? Ultimaker does explain how to do it here: Machine Settings Cura 2.1 but it would be nice if you would help us out by setting up the file yourselves to make it more likely they will work correctly.

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    Ben Russell

    What is the recommended version of Cura for the plus? Clicking on the Plus link above doesn't take you to where you can download the recommended version of Cura.



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    Dave Handy

    Links now seem broken. Would really like the JSON files formats as requested.

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    Aapo Saaristo

    The links just need to be prepended with the missing protocol descriptors, so for the plus go to 

    What I'm wondering about is that the Getting Started Folder download from the Simple page indeed contains a profile .ini, but it's called Simple.Plus.GettingStarted.ini and I'm wondering if "Simple.Plus" means Simple/Plus or if there should be a  separate starter profile for the simple.

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