Assembled vs Kit

"Hello, I am new to 3D printing and am interested in buying my first 3D printer. I am looking and your printers and wondered why the assembled versions are the same price as the put together yourself version. I would like to try and save a little money by self assembly. Any information you can provide would be helpful."


Answer: Thank you for your interest in Printrbot and 3d printing. To answer your question, there are a few different reasons why the price for the Assembled and Kit are the same.

1) As much as we value our customers desire to save some money we do not want the price of our bots to be a factor as you decide to purchase.

2) We appreciate that some of our customers enjoy exploring the ins and outs of our bots and love that they want to try a kit. With that being said, the amount of troubleshooting and customer support man hours tends to be a little more extensive with the kit.

3) The production time for an assembled bot and a kit is roughly the same.



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