A General Introduction to Printrbot Customer Support

Welcome to the Printrbot Help Center.  If you are reading this, chances are you have run into some kind of trouble with your Printrbot.  Don't be discouraged.  We want to help.

The answer to your question may already exist in our Printrbot Help Center, here at support.printrbot.com. If you are unable to find an answer in the Help Center, please submit a support request. We have a lean team and we are working hard to serve as many users as we can. So, we are not always able to answer non-critical inquiries.  

You may be directed to the Printrbot Help Center and/or Community at support.printrbot.com to resolve your technical issue. 

When submitting a support request, any pictures or video of the issue that you are having would be really helpful for our support techs. Please include attachments or other details that might help us get you up and running faster.  Also, include any details on hardware changes (installation of replacements, upgrades, etc) that have recently been made to your Printrbot.

Examples of helpful details:

  • pictures/video/screenshots
  • g-code
  • configuration profile
  • problematic stl file
  • filament specs, etc



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