Unboxing Your Printrbot Play

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    Bill Cherepy

    Clicking on "Click Here" take you to a slideshow "First Print" instead of Unboxing.

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    Tim von Holten

    Some links download Cura 15.04.2, which doesn't include the Play.

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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Thanks Bill.  I have updated the slideshow link to the unboxing guide at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SUqRvUTj-0S9SI4AAZ5bGc3c7Nf_B2UV5uZ-8rNXcG0/edit?usp=sharing.

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    Dave - PB Support Team

    Tim, thanks for the heads up.  I have updated the "Required Downloads" folder to include Cura 15.4.6 for Windows and Mac.

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    Stephen Inoue

    I don't think I ever sent this in when doing my setup. It might be dated, but here are my thoughts when I did the setup. Hopefully someone can forward it to the Play product Manager.


    Some ideas on how to go consumer mainstream with your Printrbot Play…

    The top sheet that says STOP!! needs to be redone by a graphic artist. First congratulate the user on their fine purchase. Second get some artwork in here - pb logo, stop sign, a cute mascot. Third add a link on where to go to get help.
    The weblink http://printrbot.com/project/play/ should be shortened to printrbot.com/play (you already auto redirect).
    The website steps are great with the photos and step by step.
    Guide 1 
    Unboxing Your Assembled Printrbot Play
    Step 1
    You tell users to pull out the play, but you should have the remove the accessory box as the first step instead of it being step 2 
    I wasn’t clear what side was the front of the play. I ended up choosing the side with the cute pb logo. You should consider adding a metal tag or laser etching the model and serial number on the side where the USB port and power are. I would also put the Made in USA on there since that was a huge factor in purchasing your unit.
    Step 2
    I would rework step 2 to be step 1. The accessory box should be it’s own numbered list of items. The bullets and sub bullets in step 2 mix the unit and the contents of the box. I would just have the user verify the contents of the box. I would also have your packaging team use a rubber stamp with their name to stamp the box so that if you get complaints about missing items you know who to talk to!
    Box content comments:
    1. The free year of Fusion 360 is way cool! Thanks.
    2. The sticker is nice. Not sure if I should put it on my printer or my computer!
    3. The spool rack is NOT obvious. I would call it out in the pictures online as the step 4 pictures don’t show it as a standalone piece. You might consider putting a spool rack sticker on it and reworking the piece so the handle rack is round instead of square (don’t think the spool would unreel as smoothly either). Are there screws for this thing?
    4. The box RoHS Compliant is a mystery. I would print the words power supply instead since ROHS is stamped on the power supply. I would also BEG you to put the PrintrBot Play sticker on the power supply. Most homes, schools and labs have a ZILLION no name power supply adapters behind their desk that mean absolute CHAOS when you go to try and reunite a power supply with its unit. "pb Play 60W” sticker on the unit would help!
    5. The Delrin test square? Can you add a black color description and parenthesis (with what is the Delrin for?).
    6. Can’t you make it a cute robot like Ultimaker? At least go with a 3D printed collector PB coin that people can add to their collection (new coin for each new model). Give something that identifies and promotes pb over the generic 3D printers.
    7. Sample filament. No label! No spool! WTF? Educate your dumb users on the brand of filament. Just having a small PB spool, a resealable bag and a sticker identifying it as "Printrbot Transparent 1.75mm PLA Filament" would do wonders to educate your users on what they need to reorder more of! Bonus points if you added a Best By or Manufactured date.
    8. Mystery items: I have 2 metal allen wrenches and a micro SD card with a URL sticker that is a PAIN to read. The microSD card should be colored and silk screened pb to keep it from getting lost. The sticker should state PB Troubleshooting. I sure hope the microSD card has something cool to 3D print (you might as well get a fun mascot test print sample for everyone to use and relegate the 3mm test cube for really bad support cases).
    9. Lastly a sheet of paper with a checklist of items the end user should go and purchase. 3M Blue Tape, Elmer’s Glue Stick, a putty knife, etc. Be brand specific to get everyone on the same page for a successful first print.
    Step 3 
    Update your photos to show the white unit with the black foam. You should also tell users to save the foam in case they need to return it.
    Step 4
    Install the spool rack. Seriously? This couldn’t be made a built in swing out feature? Okay Step 4 seriously needs to be broken down some more. First lose the Next Step install Cura as a bullet point - that should be Step 5! Start with showing a picture of the spool rack by itself. Next show which corner it goes on. Saying left side when you haven’t identified the front is silly. Is the front the opposite of where the power cord and USB cord goes, or is the from where the pb printer head is? At a minimum have manufacturing install user self tightening COLORED screws AND make the screw pattern unique so that it CAN’T be installed incorrectly (i.e. the screw pattern doesn’t fit anywhere else). I would also mention which of the 2 wrenches to use (the bigger or smaller one). You might even consider taping that wrench to the inside of the spool reel. The step “remove the M3 6mm (x4)” is total GREEK to your users! 
    I kept worrying about dropping one of those little screws. Bigger screws would help! Telling users how to use your little wrenches would help - longer side gives you leverage. The spool rack took 20 minute to get on. One of the screws kept making a popping sound when over tightened. I’m not confident the rack is on secure enough, that a spool will actually fit on a right angle or have enough space. Please rethink the spool rack and at a minimum update the instructions to help users through this.
    You don’t tell users to install the power and USB cord. 
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