Wiring Two Fans Into the Printrboard Using the Ubis 13 Hot End

This article is for a small cross-section of users.  It may only be helpful for you if the following bullet points apply.

  • Early Printrbot Play (Model 1505) customer ~pre January 2016
  • Ubis 13 Hot End user - NOT Ubis 13S
  • Replacing a Printrboard that had header pins with a new Printrboard shipped after 1/11/16 (without pins)

If these points apply to you, you will need a Dual Fan Adapter Cable for this wiring configuration.  Click here and select "Dual Fan Adapter Cable" to order.

After installing and wiring your new Printrboard (click here for wiring diagrams), you may find that you are left with a couple of extra connections for the 3-pin fan on your Printrbot Play with Ubis 13 Hot End.

The current Printrboard does not ship with the ICSP header pins that were previously used to ground the 3-pin fan wire.  Not to worry.  Follow the steps below to wire your fans.

*NOTE: After this wiring, the top fan will no longer start running as soon as you power ON the machine.  After installation, you will have to issue manual commands to power ON/OFF the fan (M106 & M107).


1. Remove the red power wire of your 3-pin fan wire extension from your hot end power wire.

Use a micro slotted screw driver to pry up the retaining latch so that you can slide out the female pin / connector.



2. Move the recently removed red wire of to the middle pin of the molex connector that is housing the ground for your 3-pin fan wire.  (The ground for your 3-pin fan wire was connected to the ICSP headers on your original Printrboard.  Click here for image.)


3. Connect one end of the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to your 3 pin fan wire (match red to red ...black to black).


3b. Connect the other end of the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to your 2 pin fan wire (match red to red ...black to black).


4. Connect the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to "FAN" on the Printrboard.





Finally, don't forget to plug your Hot End Power Cable into "HOTEND" on the Printrboard.



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