Wiring Two Fans Into the Printrboard Using the Ubis 13 Hot End

This article is for a small cross-section of users.  It may only be helpful for you if the following bullet points apply.

  • Early Printrbot Play (Model 1505) customer ~pre January 2016
  • Ubis 13 Hot End user - NOT Ubis 13S
  • Replacing a Printrboard that had header pins with a new Printrboard shipped after 1/11/16 (without pins)

If these points apply to you, you will need a Dual Fan Adapter Cable for this wiring configuration.  Click here and select "Dual Fan Adapter Cable" to order.

After installing and wiring your new Printrboard (click here for wiring diagrams), you may find that you are left with a couple of extra connections for the 3-pin fan on your Printrbot Play with Ubis 13 Hot End.

The current Printrboard does not ship with the ICSP header pins that were previously used to ground the 3-pin fan wire.  Not to worry.  Follow the steps below to wire your fans.

*NOTE: After this wiring, the top fan will no longer start running as soon as you power ON the machine.  After installation, you will have to issue manual commands to power ON/OFF the fan (M106 & M107).


1. Remove the red power wire of your 3-pin fan wire extension from your hot end power wire.

Use a micro slotted screw driver to pry up the retaining latch so that you can slide out the female pin / connector.



2. Move the recently removed red wire of to the middle pin of the molex connector that is housing the ground for your 3-pin fan wire.  (The ground for your 3-pin fan wire was connected to the ICSP headers on your original Printrboard.  Click here for image.)


3. Connect one end of the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to your 3 pin fan wire (match red to red ...black to black).


3b. Connect the other end of the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to your 2 pin fan wire (match red to red ...black to black).


4. Connect the Dual Fan Adapter Cable to "FAN" on the Printrboard.





Finally, don't forget to plug your Hot End Power Cable into "HOTEND" on the Printrboard.



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    Stephen Inoue

    So it looks like you are using the single FAN connector on the Printrboard F5 and F6 to power both fans for the Printrbot Play 1505. 

    I currently have the Upper Fan 2 installed with the red wire on the 12 volt power and the black wire on the ICSP Ground 1 on a Printrboard F5 from Dec 2015.


    Currently with the new firmware I my Play won't USB connect with Cura 1.5 unless I pull the ICSP black wire to Fan 2. This means the fan won't run and I get clogs.

    As for the second fan I don't get the M106/107 commands in the Pronterface UI turning the Fan 1 on or off so I'm unsure if adding Fan 2 using your dual fan cable adapter so that both Fans are using the FAN connector on my F5 board is going to work.



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    Stephen Inoue

    Forgot to mention that I swapped out my Ubis 13 for an Ubis 13S when I thought the problem was with the extruder. Your technote says this is only for the older extruder. What is the fan configuration supposed to be with the 13S?

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    Eric - PB Support Team

    Hey Stephen,

    The problem with the Play not connecting via USB is generally because that black wire connected to the ICSP pins is not plugged into the correct row of pins.  Move the connector to the other row and it should work properly. 

    This guide applies equally to the 13 and 13s hotends.

    Ultimately, there are many possible ways you can power a fan on the Play.  If you have an F6 there are two fan ports - one for print cooling and one for hotend cooling.  In that case, you can plug each fan directly into it's appropriate port.

    From what I can tell, the main purpose of this article is to support those users who previously relied on the ISCP pins which are no longer installed by default at the factory on the latest boards.  My personal suggestion is to add those pins into the board and maintain the original wiring.  It's a simple soldering job for those who are up to the task. We have the pins available here: https://printrbot.com/shop/header-pin-set-for-printrboard/

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    Stephen Inoue

    Hi Eric,

    THANK YOU - The black ground wire for the upper Hot End Fan was the culprit. Unplugging and replugging the MOLEX 6 pin connector must have jostled the crimping so that it was shorting against the Reset pin instead of just touching the Ground pin. Ugh!

    Took a small flat screw driver and bent the plastic way far back so I could pull the black wire out. Now I got to figure out how to get it back in correctly!

    For those of you reading this I tried just putting the 6 pin molex connector on the EXP 1 connector in search of another place to ground the wire, but got a much lower fan speed and some weird baud rate errors. So take the time to rewire the molex. Pulled it back off and hopefully back to normal.

    Any tips on other places I can attach the ground if I keep nailing the reset pin? I'm wary of grounding to the black power in, unless someone qualified says that is ok.

    Edited by Stephen Inoue
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    Eric - PB Support Team

    You could also wrap the naked pin in electrical tape and connect it without the white housing. 

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