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Z nut Printable - Youmagine I'm getting a great deal of horizontal artifacting in my prints of late on my Simple Metal. From what I'm reading, it looks like the Printrbot Z coupler has a field life of about 1 year. Here's a video of me homing the Z axis from a height of about 60. I've also attached a pic. 



It looks wobbly to me and wondering if this might be the case. There are suggestions of replacing the Printrbot part with a spider coupler and there are a couple of printable options on Thingiverse. I'd like to hear from you guys if this is indeed a possibility or how I can fix this. The part on your store is only $6 so it's not a huge deal either way.

Thanks, as always, for your support.




Hi Mark, I would bet that the delrin Z nut would wear out before your coupler. The coupler is machined aluminum, whereas the Z nut is delrin plastic. Also, the threaded rod is constantly rubbing against the Z nut, threading in/out in order to raise/lower the Z axis. Meanwhile, the coupler holds the motor arm and lead screw stationary. So, it is less likely to wear.

First step. I suggest replacing the Z nut. But, if you're up for it, you may want to go ahead and replace the coupler and threaded rod as well. The parts are inexpensive and you may avoid having to re-diagnose if you replace all of those Z axis parts at once. See links for replacement parts below. I hope that is helpful.

Dave -pb


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    Don Winterhalter

    I have a Plus and a Simple, both metal.  The simple is more prone to looseness in the Z-axis than the Plus, even though the simple is newer.  I replaced the delrin Z nut and it didn't change things.  I built a stabilizer to keep the top of the Acme rod from wobbling and that maybe helped a little.  I think the Plus is just a sturdier platform.  But the problem in your picture is worse than anything I've experienced, I only notice the problem with transparent PLA in spiral vase mode, and that shows every anomaly.

    Picture of the stabilizer:  The stabilizer is gold, the black piece above it is a spool holder for a spool which didn't fit the metal holder.

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