First Layers Warping

Hi Michael, glad to hear that you are enjoying your Printrbot Play! It is common to see some warping on the first layer. A couple of suggestions.

  • Use an additional fan to cool the first layers even faster. If you have a desktop fan or some other kind of fan in your bedroom, either will do the trick. Just keep a steady stream of air on the print bed as the print is running.

  • You could try using a brim around the first few layers to help hold them down. In Cura, select 'Brim', under 'Support/Platform adhesion type'.

Hope that is helpful. Happy printing!

Dave -pb



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    Dave Kingma

    I have a Printrbot Smalls and have trouble keeping the first layers from warping. I've tried about everything. My prints are approximately 4" x 1" on the bottom. I use the raft support to reduce warping as I assume that is more beefy than the brim approach. I slowed the print speed down to 30 mm/s and my z-offset is -0.8. I'm using the black PLA from Printrbot and do not have a heated bed. I'm also using the blue tape squares from Printrbot. I notice that the part lifts the tape up on the ends due to part shrinkage. Is there any way to make sure the tape sticks better, or am I going to need to go with the heated bed?

    Thanks, Dave

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