Simple Pro FAQ

Where can I go for troubleshooting / documentation?

Click here for our troubleshooting guide and a directory of links to various documentation on the Simple Pro.


What software do I use with the wifi feature. (Cura?)


We are using Cura engine right now through our account.  Also, connect via USB and print from Cura 2.  See a guide on that here.


How do I send files to the LCD screen?


First, make sure you have the Simple connected to a local network and have the account connected to the printer. For information on how to set this up, go to From the account load an stl file by opening a new project. Click the "Create Project" box on the "Projects Library" page. Name the Project and add a description if needed and click Save. Click to "Upload File" in order to upload any stl images to this new project started. Upload as many objects as desired into the project so it can all be loaded onto the printer. Customize the main picture for the project by clicking the "Change Project Picture" button. This is the picture that will show on the screen of the LCD screen as the placeholder for the project folder. To find out how to change the print settings on the individual objects in the project folder, go to: Printer Settings Google Doc.

The last step in getting files to the Simple LCD screen is clicking the "Send to Printer" button. This will pull up a file loading page on the LCD screen. Make sure you are not on the settings page or inside another project on the LCD screen before sending the project to the printer. 


How do I start a print on the LCD screen?


On the LCD screen, scroll through the projects to find the one with the object being printed. Click the yellow "Open" button on the bottom left of the cover picture. This will open the project and reveal all the objects previously loaded in the cloud account. Scroll through the images and click the "Print" button on the bottom left of the screen shot of the image being printed. This will open a downloading page to bring the prepared printed image to the LCD screen. This may take a while depending on the size of the image. After downloading the file, the printer will begin to print immediately. The prepared print file will now be saved on your LCD screen. The images with a cloud download icon next to "Print" has yet to do the download, and the images that have been downloaded and are ready to print have a geometric icon next to the "Print" button. If the file is downloaded and ready to go, just hit print and the printer will start immediately. Make sure you have the correct filament selected. Go to the settings page on the LCD screen and select the Materials icon. Scroll through the filament options and choose the one you desire to use before you start your print. 


Is cloud the only way to get files to the printer?

Yes.  However, a version of Cura is being developed that will allow you to plug directly into the Simple and print from your computer.  There is currently no set date for release.


Will the cloud accept a gcode file instead of an stl?

Yes, see an article on this here.


How do I adjust the leveling probe?

Click here to see The Calibration Guide for the 2016 Printrbot Simple.


How many files can I load onto the Printrbot before I run out of space?

Your Simple comes with an 8GB sd card.  On average, you will be able to store around 500 files on your machine.  If you do high-resolution items or scans from external sources, these take up more space, so your capacity will be less.


How do I change the parameters on the Simple (slicing)

Click here for a guide on adjusting your print settings (slice).


How do I add my own materials to print with?

Click here for a guide on changing or creating material profiles.

Is the hardware/software still open source? 


Yes, all the hardware and software is still open source. Once released it will be public. 



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    Bill Mallon

    Any plans for a trade-in program?

  • 3
    christopher gallimore

    Does the V2 come with a heated bed if not how much for the addon since its a must?

  • 0
    Kenneth Close

    What is the actual build space of the new Printrbot Simple 2016?

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    I use Simplify3D with my  2 Simple metals. Will I be able to use it with the 2016?


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    Kenneth Close

    Simplyjerrysiegel: No, you won't. Everything is sliced in the web app.

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     For Cloud Slicing. Seems only change print resolution workable. (Infill / Brim / Support no function). How should I do next?  

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