Installing the Play Y Axis Upgrade with Heated Bed

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    I have installed the Y-axis upgrade with heated bed on my Play and I have a question on the power supply connection. I received the one with an excessive number of connections coming out of it, the make and model is Solid Gear SDGR-550E. How do I know which connector to plug into the printer board. It looks like the board is designed to accept a 6 pin connector and the one from the power supply that has 6 pins is labeled "PCI-E" there is also an eight pin connector that is labeled "CPU" and "12V". I really want to be sure I get this correct because I don't want to end up having to replace the control board because I plugged the wrong thing in.

    Thank you, Eric

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    PB Support Team

    Good question @ericteuh!  Sorry we didn't include that in the guide in the first place.  

    • To activate your heat plate.  In Cura, go to:
      • Machine
      • Machine Settings
      • Check the “Heated bed” box “Ok” to save.

    We have updated the instructions for future users.  Thank you for the help.


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    where is the explanation for setting the bed temperature in the software ? (cura, simplify3D)

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