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Different materials require different print settings; temperature, speed, cooling, etc.  Loading a pre-configured profile (aka "config") into Cura is a great way to set yourself up for successful prints with your Printrbot.  Download the desired profile from the table below for the type of filament that you are working with.  If you are just getting started with 3D printing, PLA is recommended for higher success rates.


View SIMPLIFY3D's Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide & Filament Properties Table.



SlowSteady.ini (PLA) Ceramic 208 High (0.1mm) Medium 45mm/sec  enabled
ABS.ini  Ubis 13S 235 Standard (0.1984mm) Slow 25mm/sec enabled
Ceramic ABS.ini Ceramic 235 Standard (0.1984mm) Slow 25mm/sec  enabled
Flexible.ini Ceramic 220 Standard (0.2mm) Slow 20mm/sec disabled
Ubis 13S.ini  Ubis 13S 200 Standard (0.2mm)  Medium 30mm.sec enabled
CarbonFiber.ini Ceramic  210 Low (0.3mm)  Medium 30mm/sec enabled
TGlase.ini  Ceramic  245 Low (0.3mm)  Medium 30mm/sec  enabled
Nylon.ini Ceramic  250 Standard (0.2mm) Medium 40mm/sec enabled
PlayBenchy_BotSpa.ini Ubis 13S 205 Standard (0.1984mm) Medium 45mm/sec enabled
SimpleBenchy_BotSpa.ini Ceramic 210 Standard (0.1984mm) Medium 45mm/sec  enabled 
PlusBenchy_BotSpa.ini Ceramic 205 Standard (0.1984mm) Medium 45mm/sec   enabled 
PlusVase_BotSpa.ini  Ceramic  205  Standard (0.2064mm)  Medium 30mm/sec  enabled 

Loading a Configuration Profile
Once the ini file has been unzipped and downloaded onto your computer, open Cura and go to File/Open Profile.  Select the ini file that you have downloaded for your Printrbot, and click "Open".  
Settings under the Basic, Advanced, and Start/End-GCode tabs will adjust after loading this profile.  Your "Machine Settings" will not be changed/affected.

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    james egan



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    Ely Bates
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    PB Support Team

    I was able to load the .ini file in Cura 15.04.  If you are using Cura 3, it may only accept ".curaprofile" format of files.

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    Zachary Knight

    I think Ely meant the link doesn't work. It doesn't work for me. Try the other one: SlowSteady1.ini

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    PB Support Team

    I'm sorry guys, I have checked these links on more than one computer and am not having any trouble downloading the files.  If you have a screen shot of the failure, I can look into it some more.  thanks!


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