Gouged Bed on the Simple Pro

When the printer is auto-leveling before each print job should the hot end be making physical contact with the print bed itself? I noticed the nozzle pressing down hard on the left side of the bed (when viewed from the front) when it auto-levels before a print. It's actually left little dots in the polymer sheet. It also touches the center-back of the build plate when it starts the print, but I haven't seen it physically depress the right side during the auto-leveling. I don't remember it doing that with the previous bed but I only had one good print on that bed before the jam.

  • The nozzle should not press down into the bed. From reading your message, I get the impression that you canceled the print after you saw that behavior. Good move :).

If not could it have been something I did while fixing the jam? To my knowledge, I didn't mess with the sensor at all when I pulled the extruder apart.

  • Since the extruder was recently disassembled, my bet is that the probe/hot end alignment has changed slightly. Sometimes folks do not press the hot end all the way up into the extruder body. I would suggest loosening the bottom right M3 screw that secures the hot end into the extruder body. Once the screw is loosened, try nudging the hot end further up. Just a couple of millimeters will make a big difference. I tried to get as good a pic as possible. Notice the light reflection to see that there was just about 2mm of play. The hot end should be flush against the extruder body.


  • I'm sure that you did not mess with the sensor. However, removing the hot end and reinstalling the hot end will change its position (slightly) relative to the probe. The thing to keep in mind is that the probe should be ~1mm higher above the bed than the hot end nozzle. If the nozzle is pressing into the bed, the bed is not within the range of the probe soon enough as the Z axis is lowering.


After checking your probe/hot end alignment, use the calibration tool on the LCD screen to make sure that your hot end offset is good to go. See an example here.

Hope that is helpful,
Dave -pb


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