Simple Pro Wifi Setup - SSID / Password

"I am the network administrator for our school district. There seems to be an issue while setting up this Printrbot. While trying to access the Printrbot on it's own Wireless network of it is asking for the Name,wifi ssid, and wifi password. We can not find documentation for those fields and what they initially are so we might be able to setup the wifi of the Printrbot to access our school network. Please provide us those fields or a detailed setup guide that we can not seem to find on your website. Thank you."


 NOTE: the printrbot printer DOES NOT use HTTPS:// when connecting to your printer. It ONLY uses http:// like in the example above:

The first field is 'Name' is the name of the printer, which is your choice. The name 'Printrbot' is standard on every Simple Pro that leaves our facility. But you can change that at this time in this field. This field has nothing to do with WIFI setup, btw.

The second field is 'Wifi SSID'. This is the name of your local wifi network (2.4GHz) that you will be accessing the internet through. Be aware that this field is case sensitive, so you will need to type this field exactly.

The third field is 'Wifi Password'. This is the password for your local wifi network if you indeed do require a password.  This field is case sensitive.

IF you have a network with no password, type something into the password field anyway, then delete it until blank, to be sure the field registers as blank. Don't forget to click SAVE!

Once you've input the correct info into the second and third fields, your browser will display {'wifi':'configuration updated, restarting...'}, and your Simple Pro will be connected to the internet.

If you accessed this settings screen from the Access Point IP address, be sure to reconnect your browser to the local network if it didn't do so automatically.  accessed this page after you set your printer up successfully on the local network, by typing the new IP address your local router provided to your printer.

You can access this page after you set your printer up successfully on the local network, by typing the new IP address (that your local router provided to your printer) shown in your printer's WIFI settings screen. So this simple WIFI setting page would be useful to either change networks, OR to force the printer to fall back to the  "printrbot" WIFI ACCESS POINT again by putting in an incorrect WIFI SSID name or incorrect password (and saving).


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    Chris McCoy

    So, my Printrbot Pro is connected to my WiFi...I can see the IP address and everything, it just won't connect to the cloud (box is always showing gray).  


    I've trouble shooted with the password thing.   No luck.

    Here's my printrbot's status:

    {"name":"printrbot","locked":false,"ssid":"REMOVED FOR PRIVACY","firmware":109,"mk20":true,"ipaddress":"","softapip":"","serialnr":"REMOVED-FOR-PRIVACY","fw_update":true,"fw_info_sent":true,"fw_cloud_buildnr":109}

    Just not sure what's going on here. Can anyone point me to any other solutions? Many thanks!
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    Chris McCoy

    Figured it out finally.  My browser was forcing an HTTPS.  You can't see the machine with HTTPS which I did read somewhere.  


    HTTP all the way! Hope that helps other people!


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