Can I increase my download speed/increase my sd storage?

We have found that different SD cards provide faster download speeds of files from the cloud, as well as allow you to upgrade your storage capacity.  The Simple cannot use larger than a 32GB SD Card, so we have provided links to 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sd cards below.

1.)  SanDisk Ultra 8GB microSDHC Card

2.)  SanDisk Extreme 16GB microSDHC Card

3.)  SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC Card


Once you have your new SD card, follow the outlines steps to prepare your sd Card and install it in your Simple.


1.)  Remove the four(4) screw from around the display using a 2mm Allen wrench.


 2.)  Remove your current SD card from the display.

 3.)  Insert the SD card into your computer, and open the folder to view the contents.  There will be six(6) files/folders that you need to copy to your desktop temporarily.  Select all the files and copy them now.  

4.)  Remove your old SD card from your computer, and insert the new SD Card.  Move the files you copied to your desktop to the new SD card.  You will now have all the files from your old SD card, on your new and faster SD card.  

5.)  Remove the SD card from your computer, and insert it back into your Display.

6.)  Replace the display on the base of your Simple, then insert and hand tighten the four(4) screws back into place to secure the display.

7.)  Power on your Simple and you will see all of your projects and jobs on the display.  

You have now updated your SD card to be faster on downloading project files, and if you purchased a higher capacity card, you have increased your storage capacity.  You are now ready to continue printing!








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