How do I change material types on my printer?

Once you have sent a project to your printer, you can select different materials to make the object out of. This guide shows you how to select different materials on your printer, so that the machine applies the correct temperature and print speeds to the material you will be using.

1.)  On your display, press the “Settings” tab.

2.)  Select “Materials”

3.)  You are now in the materials section.  Your Simple comes with ten material types pre-loaded.  Swipe around on the screen and get a feel for what materials are loaded.  When you come to the material you want to use, press “Select” and your Simple will save that material’s settings.  The settings will not change on the machine until you select a different material, even if you power your Simple off.

If you did not see the material listed that you want to print with, you can create your own materials in the cloud software.  For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the “How do I add my own materials to print with?” guide.






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