Lines on the screen. Screen is black. How do I fix it?

1.)  Ensure that your printer is powered on.

2.)  Open a browser window on your computer and navigate to

3.)  Check the upper right hand corner and make sure that your Simple is connected to the cloud as indicated by a green box for yes, and a grey box for no.

***If you do not have a green box, contact and reference this guide, along with this guide and issue you are having.

4.)  Click on the “Update MK20 Firmware” tab.  ***By doing this, your machine is going to download the latest version of the firmware, which may take a few minutes depending upon internet speeds.  Then the display is going to go blank while the update is applied.  It is imperative that you do not remove power from the Simple during this time, until the display comes back on.***  


5.) Next, click "Update UI File".

Once your display comes back on, the update will have taken effect and the display should be back to factory settings and working as expected.   






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