When I upload a file to the printer it says, "File Not Found", any solutions?

When you upload a file to the cloud, the first thing that happens is a rendering is made of the object you uploaded, this is just a picture of your object.  The second thing that happens is the cloud “slices” your object and prepares it for printing on your Simple.  Depending on the size and complexity of your object, more time may be required to prepare the code.  

1.)  Delete the Project from your Simple.

2.)  Give the cloud a few minutes to prepare your file.

3.)  Send the Project to your Simple and try again.

4.)  If you still receive the “File Not Found” error, delete the Project from your Simple and from the cloud.

5.)  Start a new Project and re-upload your file to your project.

6.)  Give the cloud a few minutes before sending the project to your Simple.

You should be good to print now.  If you are still having issues, review the object you are trying to upload for errors or design issues.

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    Kenneth Close

    When I attempt to print a relatively small, simply STL, the printer times out just trying to download the file. Is this an issue with the read/write speed of the SD card, or some other issue?

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