Trouble Connecting Your Simple Pro to Wifi?

If you are having trouble with the wifi setup wizard at, try the suggestions below to connect your Simple Pro to your local wifi network.

Begin by making sure that your LCD screen is not password protected.  Even if you have never set up a password on your Printrbot, please go through the steps to clear the password to verify.

1.)  Navigate to the “Settings” section of your LCD menu. 


2.)  Then go to "Password".


3.)  Leave the “Password:” field blank and tap the checkbox at the bottom right of the LCD screen.  In some rare cases, you will need to type in a character (for example the letter A), then delete the character, and tap the checkbox at the bottom right of the LCD screen.  Do not cycle the power on your Printrbot after clearing the password.


4.) Tap the "WiFi" icon to view the WiFi screen.



5.) While your Printrbot is in access mode, connect your laptop/PC/mobile to the "printrbot" access point (wifi network) and type in the IP address listed on the wifi screen on your bot.  (In this example:

*NOTE: Be sure to visit http://IP.add.r.ess... Do not enter httpS://... into your browser.


6.) Populate the "wifi ssid" and "wifi password" fields with your local network name and password.  As a matter of best practice, you can type your password into a separate text doc and copy/paste it into the "wifi password" field.  You can leave the "name" field blank.

After clicking "Save", you should see the LCD screen on your printer refresh with your local network name.



7.) Once you have successfully added your Printrbot to your local network, switch back to you your wifi network on your computer/phone.


8.) No luck?  Verify that it is not WIFI connection or network constraints (rules). If you are a teacher using your Simple Pro in a school, you may have to reach out to your IT guy and request that he allow scripts to execute in the browser in order to allow communication. The best way to test WIFI is to take it home - or to a very simple wifi network and try there ...being sure you are very close to the Wifi access point.

Wifi speed is a factor. Once the strength drops below a threshold, the machine gives up trying to transfer.

Set your Simple Pro up on a simple wifi network (2.4MHZ band only) and give it a try. If your Simple Pro prints perfectly on files that are on the hub (lcd touch screen), this is not a firmware or electronics issue.



Additional Notes:

  • To verify that your Printrbot is not password protected, switch to the "printrbot" wifi network and enter "pb.ip.add.ress/info" (In this example:  The "locked" status should read "false".  
  • You have to manually set your wifi to the local network.  Follow instructions to boot up the bot, then switch to the printer access point wifi network.  Wait until it connects, which can take a while.
  • Some phones default to using https:// so you have to manually type in http://ip_address
  • You can go back to wizard page, click "Next" and wait for it to scan for networks. Next, select the desired network and put in your password.  The printer will reboot and takes a moment to connect to the local network you choose.
  • Some computers appear to stay on the "printrbot" network and don't automatically drop back automatically to your local network.  So, you have to go to your wifi and manually select your local network again to get it connected. Now you are done and you can pull up and add your printer to connect.



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    Brian Hinckle

    I have tried visiting using my Windows 10 desktop over a USB wireless module. I get this result in Chrome when I try to scan for the printer:
    "Unable to scan networks. Please restart your printer and try again"

    I have tried visiting http://192.168.*.*/#wifisetup also in Chrome and filling out the fields as described above, here is the result:
    {'success':'false','error':'Authentication failed'}

    upon debugging the script at I discovered several ajax calls, here are the destination URLs that the page would be calling:

    I have tried making manual requests to the above paths and get no response. It appears that apart from the #wifisetup parameter, none of the internally used urls are responding. Is there some way to do a hard-reset on the internal web server, if there's a chance it might just be misconfigured?

    Edited by Brian Hinckle
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    Ian Lewis

    Hey Brian

    if you look at and then, in a separate window, try the wifisetup page.  I found that I had a password configured.  But deleting it wasnt as straightforwards as just going to the password box and saving a blank password as it still remembered it.  Type something, then delete it and then save it.

    See how that goes


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    Brian Hinckle

    Ok, after verifying that I can see the #wifisetup page, I then tried visiting from two different devices, both get stuck in a permanent "downloading" state, I waited for over an hour and it still wasn't complete.  I suspect the internal web server is somehow misconfigured, or perhaps the event log has bloated beyond the hardware's limited addressing capabilities?  I'm hoping there's a jumper or something that would let me wipe all of the web server's settings so I can at least get going from a clean factory reset.

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    Brian Hinckle

    Is there some way to get this issue escalated?  My Printrbot has been sitting on the desk for nearly 2 weeks, I'm totally blocked.

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    Chris McCoy

    Hey Brian,

    I sure hope you got this fixed by now.  But I was having the same issue and I believe the root cause is with a non-visible, default password stored on the Printrbot Pro which blocks the wifi hotspot from making changes to the firmware (i.e. adding your home wifi hotspot).

    I got the hint to look into the password settings from using the where it showed me some authentification message..."authenticating printrbot with the following password=ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿPB24G" which I thought was strange.

    Thus, the solution was: 

    1) go to password options on Printrbot Pro

    2) type a digit or letter in the box, delete it and then exit out...effectively a "blank" password

    3) try renaming the bot or adding a wifi hotspot.  

    If everything works, you should see the Printrbot Pro respond and update the wifi settings accordingly.

    Best of luck!


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    Brent Ruter

    We have a handful of new SimplePros with heated beds that cannot connect via PrintrBot cloud on three networks tried so far: 

       - a school faculty, password protected network

       - a general open network

       - a personal hotspot network.

    In each case, each printer tried would communicate through the networks enough to update the IP addresses and network settings. We've tried each with a password and without. Each has successfully run test prints stored on the machines and printed when connected to a computer via USB.


    What else can we try to get the cloudprint up and running?

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    Jay Jacobs

    I'm unable to connect to the printrbot network. The simple pro says it's in access point mode. I tried the password clearing and at one point the network showed up. I ran out of time and had to turn it off, but now I'm back to square one since I have no idea what got the network running. Any advice would be helpful.

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