Discovering the MAC Address of your Simple Pro

If you're connecting your Simple Pro at home, there shouldn't be any trouble connecting to your home wifi network.  If, on the other hand, you are connecting in an educational or corporate environment, there may well be wireless restrictions that prevent you connecting back to the cloud software.

If you can identify your printer on the network, there should be a way around most restrictions (I can't say all as some places are severely locked down).  

Now the one unique network identity is the MAC Address.  It is individual to each network device.

In order to discover the MAC Address, firstly we need to connect the printer to a known wifi network, so we can get the IP Address.


Once we have that, we need to use our computer to try and PING the IP Address.  PING is a basic IP communications test and for that we need to enter the Command Prompt or Terminal window on your computer.  Enter the command ping followed by the IP address we got from the settings window on the printer.


Now we have made sure that the computer can see the printer, now we need to query the ARP Table to find the MAC Address.

In our command window, enter the command arp and the IP Address again.


The MAC Address is a 12 character string.  There is a bug on Macs that, if the 2 character section begins with a zero, it ignores it.  In this case, the proper MAC Address should read 60:01:94:06:94:52.  Running the same command on Linux or Windows will give you the proper MAC Address from the beginning.


Another way, if you have access to your home router, is to check the DHCP table of devices connected to the local network.  My router from BT gives me the following.


The device name is generated from the ESP chip name and the last 6 characters of the MAC Address.

Hopefully this will allow you to connect your Simple Pro to your network.


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