Simple Pro Y-Axis Shifting

I’m having a problem that the Y-axis layer is shifting towards to the back the higher it prints. It seemed to do a couple of small things like cubes ok but when I tried printed something larger than a 40mm cube the layers shift. Any ideas?


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    PB Support Team

    Hi Jake, sorry to hear of the shifting trouble. Is this happening on multiple models over 40mm or just one particular taller model? Also, is the shift consistent every time or is it fairly random?

    The reason I ask is that if the shift happens at exactly the same layer height (44mm high, for example) on multiple models, there is likely something blocking movement in the Y-Axis. It could be something as simple as a wire getting caught during the print.

    If the failure is more random, I would look at the GT2 pulley set screws. If they have loosened up, the pulley will not transfer the motor movement properly.  


    To check a pulley without turning any screws:

    • Power ON your printer.
    • Navigate to Settings > Filament > Load Filament on your touchscreen.
    • Once the printer homes X and Y, give the Y-axis a slight tug - pulling the print head forward.  


    While the printer is homed, the motors are engaged.  The motor arm does not want to move.  So, you are looking for some movement to determine if the pulley is slipping on the motor shaft.  NOTE:  If you pull with too much force the motor will "skip" and allow you to move the print head forward.  That is not the type of 'slipping' that I am referring to.  A lot of times, you can actually see the belt pulling the pulley back and forth while the motor shaft remains stationary.

    If you find that the GT2 pulley is slipping, you can use a 2mm to tighten the set screws against the motor shaft.  The GT2 pulley on the Y-axis motor can be reached without removing any parts.  It is "hiding" behind the  Y-arm.  Access it from the top of the printer, between the Z rails.

    I hope that is helpful,
    Dave -pb


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